2006 Yamaha VX stock#632B

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The Yamaha 2006 VX is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful watercraft.

The Yamaha VX series is a popular line of personal watercraft (PWC) or jet skis. The 2006 Yamaha VX models were well-received for their reliability, performance, and versatility. Here are some general features and specifications you might find on a 2006 Yamaha VX:

  1. Engine: The VX models typically feature a four-stroke engine known for its efficiency and power. In 2006, they likely had a 1052cc, four-cylinder, four-stroke Yamaha Marine Engine.
  2. Performance: Expect a top speed of around 50-55 mph (80-88 km/h) depending on conditions and load.
  3. Fuel Capacity: The fuel tank capacity is typically around 15.9 gallons (60 liters), giving you decent range for long rides.
  4. Seating Capacity: Most VX models are designed to accommodate up to three passengers, making them great for family outings or riding with friends.
  5. Storage: They usually have storage compartments in the front and rear, providing enough space to store essentials for a day on the water.
  6. Hull Design: Yamaha’s VX models are known for their stable and responsive hull designs, offering good maneuverability and handling.
  7. Features: Depending on the specific model and trim level, you might find features like adjustable handlebars, electronic fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency, Yamaha’s proprietary security system, and more.

Overall, the Yamaha VX series from 2006 is often praised for its balance of performance, reliability, and affordability, making it a popular choice among PWC enthusiasts.